Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Woodward featured as Landmark Home in Topeka Capital Journal

Thank you to Shanna Sloyer for delightful 5-page feature about The Woodward in At Home, a weekly real-estate section of the Topeka Capital Journal on June 1, 2019.  The featured reflects the 25 years of renovation and restoration and includes many lovely current photographs of the interior and exterior of "Topeka's Most Artistic Home".  See the article at

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Valentine's Day Specials at The Woodward Inn

Today is one of the coldest days in America but it is still All About LOVE at The Woodward Inns.  Call for our Valentine's Day Specials including Rose Petals lovingly placed throughout your room and bath!  All rooms have King beds, fireplaces and private baths! 7853547111

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mama Bear almost fully recovered from Concussion

For those followers, supporters and guests of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore, I am not one to complain or even speak about weaknesses, but many of you have noticed instability in my speech and other complications over the last several months. In late January, while playing racquetball which I have played all of my adult life, I suffered a blow to the soft tissue of the brain below the back of the skull. For about a month, I could not drive, use a phone or computer, or coordinate my right side. I felt as though I went from vibrant to "old" overnight.  While The Woodward Inns has remained almost every bed full since July, my friends have pitched in to make sure we have kept things up enough!! Thanks to God and my dear friends and supporters, I have been able to reach about 90% of normal capacity. Being incapacitated for the first time in my life was quite a blow to my way of work and life. For everyone's support and for God's help, I am so thankful.  I am looking forward to a peaceful and productive Fall and Winter Season!    

Special Thanks to America Needs Fatima for Another Great Stay

America Needs Fatima, which honors Lady Fatima and the Mother Mary, has just finished another great stay at The Woodward Inns on Fillmore. For the ninth year in a row, ANF has utilized the lodging at The Woodward Inns for up to 35 beds/week while organizing the Public Rosary Rally nationwide which took place October 13 in more than 21,000 locations across America. Congratulations to all volunteers and staff who worked so hard for another very successful and important offering in Her Honor, reflecting our love and need for Mother Mary and her Son, Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Woodward Wisteria B&B Extended Stay Hotel Apartments

 Great for Tradesman, Law Students, Legislators and others looking for quiet, peaceful, adorable yet moderately priced at 1BR  $250-$300/week, 2 BR $350 - $400/week fully furnished including TV, wireless Internet, linens, dishes, full kitchen, all utilities! In the middle of The Woodward Inns' block!   


Monday, October 1, 2018

Named Best of The Midwest Travel by Midwest Living Magazine 2018

Thanks again for another lovely honor!!!  The Woodward Inn has been named Best of The Midwest Travel for the 5th Year in a row!!! Midwest Living Magazine Honors those Must-See Places each year in a Specialty Publication!

Best of Topeka Includes The Woodward Inns 2018

The Woodward Inns have been named Best of Topeka for the third year in a row. Congratulations to all other winners!

Friday, April 28, 2017

New Addition to The Woodward Inns Available - The Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon!!

Very Exciting!!!  The new Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon.  Just at the North corner of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore block (Huntoon at Fillmore Street), these Row Houses were built between 1890 and 1923.  They were first built as single family homes, tall and narrow sitting immediately next to each other, much like you would find in Boston or New York City.  As the war came, the Row Houses were made into apartments since additional housing was needed.  There were originally 2 more Row Houses but they were lost in the 1966 tornado which came across town (22 miles x 1/2 mile wide), taking the roof of The Woodward (which was then the widow Fredericka Woodward's home).

The Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon feature adorable, luxury, shabby-chic extended stay apartments for business class.  There will be 1BR, 2 BR and 3 BR hotel apartments. With vintage era features, lovely high-end furnishings and a little touch of quirkiness, this new offering should prove to be very popular!!!!  Welcome to Historic Holliday Park and The Woodward Inns on Fillmore.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Kansas B&B Magazine Available at Kansas Visitors' Centers

The new Kansas B&B Magazine is ready at all Kansas visitors' centers.  Featuring B&Bs across the state, the new publication is designed specifically for the guest looking for B&B options.  The Woodward Inns proprietress, Elizabeth Taylor, has been chosen to write the first article for the new Magazine, encouraging guests to look at Purpose, Location, Accommodation when choosing the B&B best for their needs. The Magazine is very well done. Pick up your free copy before they are gone! The next edition is planned for 2016.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Three Years in a Row - The Woodward Inns Chosen Best of The Midwest Travel - 2016 on newstands mid-March, 2015

The Woodward Inns has just been selected for the third year in a row as Best of The Midwest Travel 2016 as Best for Lodging in Topeka.  It is a great honor to be selected for both 201, 2015 and 2016.  Published by Midwest Living Magazine, watch for it beginning in mid-March.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Innkeeping Owners Sought for 6 of The Woodward Inns

The Woodward Inns is seeking new Owner Innkeepers for 6 of The Woodward Inns.  After 20 years of development, Elizabeth is getting too old to love all 7 of The Woodward Inns!!!  While The Woodward Inn will remain her home and the main hub of The Woodward village of Inns, all other Inns are for sale, two at a time (as they sit side by side), all with stay B&Bs and all will stay part of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore.  For the guest, nothing will change except that Elizabeth will be more rested and new Innkeepers for each of their own Inns will bring new and different passion to The Woodward table.  While providing the foundational support to the new Innkeeper/Owners, sale of the Inns will allow for new enthusiasm which cannot continue to grow with just Elizabeth's dream. For example, The Woodward Max and The Woodward Executive, the next 2 biggest Inns after The Woodward are ready for a Chef.  There is also room for a pet hotel called The Max Spaw.  An antique stop is also planned as well as the best Children's parties ever!  You can see the full offering at under the section Inns for Sale.  Or call The Woodward at 785-354-7111.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The (new) Woodward Wisteria (moderate) Boutique Hotel Apartments Popular for Extended Stay

The Woodward Wisteria Boutique Hotel Apartments has really become popular for the Extended Stay guests who are in Topeka for a contract, relocating and looking for a new home, needing lodging close to the hospitals, etc.  While a great moderate price, The Wisteria offers quiet, safe, peaceful, relaxing comfort in a simple bed and breakfast style. Right in the middle of The Woodward Inns' village.  1BR and 2BR fully furnished lodging available.  The Woodward Inns also offers a full range of lodging and event space from economical to executive to luxury, all in the same block.  Also, full Inns available. 7853547111

Saying "Goodbye" to Grandma Lucille

Saying "Goodbye" is never easy!  On January 7th, my family and I said "Goodbye" to our matriarch.  She and Grandpa had been married since they were 16, totally committed in a very old-fashioned and missed way rarely seen in today's world.  I know that God has taken her to be by His side, even though Grandpa and my Aunt Sis and I are lost without her!  We will see her again in God's time.

Thank you, Grandma, for all you taught me and for all the unconditional love you gave.  Your hard work, intelligence and drive can be found in me.  Your sense of style taught me about colors, textures and peaceful life.  I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing you "in the morning".

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Renovations to The Woodward exterior now Complete

After the massive Hail Storm May, 2011, The Woodward has a spectacular new roof in great enhanced colors of reds and browns, new striped awnings, and stately copper finials on the roof peaks!!  New Lions guard the front entry and host seasonal florals. After 18 years of renovations, The Woodward is fully updated and mature!  What a Grand Old Dame!!

New Interior Enhancements at The Woodward Inn

After many years of building The Woodward Inns Village, The Woodward Inn is now seeing some mature updated enhancements.  The Dining Room has a slightly new look.  Also, The Sisters Room has a softened look to be more romantic in a South Pacific teal.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

20th Anniversary of The Woodward to kick off with the Christmas Season

The Woodward Inns will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary beginning with the Christmas Season 2013.  Purchased September 9, 1994 and opened only 5 weeks later, owner Elizabeth Taylor has changed a neighborhood over 20 years with the purchase, renovation, beautification and sharing of what are now known as The Woodward Inns on Fillmore - One Gothic Tudor Mansion, Three Executive Inns, Three Family Inns and a 24-plex Moderate Boutique Hotel. Watch for news, periodicals and community celebrations surrounding the 20th Anniversary. For additional information, call The Woodward Inns at 785-354-7111.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dateline NBC Films Kingman Murder Interviews at The Woodward Inn - NEW airing date Oct. 11th

Dateline NBC has chosen The Woodward Inn for its location for filming Interviews for its upcoming episode on the Brett Seacat murder conviction earlier this Summer in Wichita.  Watch for air dates, confirmed  for Oct. 11th, or visit

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CASA Annual Holiday Homes Tour to highlight 20th Anniversary of The Woodward Inns

Join CASA as it highlights The Woodward Inn and The Woodward Max in its Annual Holiday Homes Tour to benefit the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children services. The tour is each year in November.  Celebrating The Woodward Inn's 20th Holiday Season, CASA will embark to offer an old-fashioned Christmas Village theme in The Woodward Inns' block.  Chris Page, Chinell's Florals, is also celebrating her 20th Anniversary in business and will be donating her Holiday design of The Woodward Inn for the CASA Tour.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

CBS 48 Hours Episode Filmed at The Woodward Inns to rerun May 4th, 9pm

CBS has announced an additional airing of 48 Hours "My Dad's Killer", which recently premiered on CBS last Fall.  While The Woodward Inns are not involved in the murder story, CBS 48 Hours has used The Woodward Inns as a location for filming family interviews, attorney interviews and juror follow-up.  Thanks to Sara Ely Hulse and the whole CBS 48 Hours team for their work on the Mike Sisco/Karen Harness story.  Thanks also to D.A. Chad Taylor and his team for their hard work as well.

Friday, October 19, 2012

TK Magazine features The Woodward Inns as Unique Business Retreats

Thanks to TK Magazine for including The Woodward Inns in its recent feature about Unique Business Retreats.  The Woodward Inns, now offers lodging with up to 35 private rooms (with private baths), main gathering space in 2 Inns and breakout space in a multitude of configurations.