Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Woodward Flats on Western offered as Long-term, B&B-style Apartments

The Woodward Flats on Western is now offered as long-term, bed-and-breakfast-style apartments for business travelers and family guests. According to City of Topeka Code Compliance, The Woodward Flats has to be distinquished as Flats (apartments) and not family-style B&B. Go figure!! Still fully adorable and complete with all bed-an-breakfast-style amenities, The Woodward Flats is a great option for those seeking a nicer and more relaxed lodging option while in Topeka for business or while making the move to our community. In addition, it must be announced that The Woodward Flats on Western is not technically part of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore, but it is renovated, furnished, and loved the same as the other properties owned by Elizabeth Taylor, homeowner and proprietress of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore. The Woodward Flats on Western sits immediately behind The Woodward. Currently available are The Side Flat (a queen sized apartment) and The Front Flat (a king sized apartment). Soon to be developed will be two king sized apartments and a fabulous fully-open, large third floor.

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