The Woodward Inns Registry

Polish Pottery is available at The Woodward Max! Over 2000 pieces available in Peacock, Peacock Mosquito and Peacock Brown Eyes by appointment. The Woodward Inns' signature Cobalt Blue Glass is also now available as well as other beautiful home decor items such as Jessie Steele Aprons. These beautiful pieces make great wedding presents, or gifts for any special occasion. 

Bridal Registry
The Woodward Inns is proud to present the addition of its Bridal Registries to The Woodward Inns Blog. If you would like to register for Polish Pottery, Cobalt Blue Glass, or for a stay at The Woodward Inns along with any of our Get-A-Way and Spa Packages, contact The Woodward at 785-354-7111. 

To make a purchase from an existing registry, simply click on the name of the couple under "Bridal Registries," located on the right side of the blog. This will direct you to a menu of items, chosen by the happy couple.  Select, pay and checkout all in one convenient spot.