Friday, April 21, 2023

The Woodward, Gem of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore, is ready for a new owner

The Queen of the Village, The Woodward Mansion, is now ready for a new owner.  I have given the last 30 years to restoring her, loving and sharing her with so many brides, grooms, families and friends. While I have mostly recovered from the racquetball brain injury from 2020 immediately followed by the pandemic and massive recession that following March (from which I have mostly recovered), I have now realized that I won't be getting any younger (closer now to 70 than to 60!).  

As much as I love her, it is time to let her go to the next ones who will love her! Her hundredth birthday is this year 2023. She is primed to be taken to the next level by the new generation and the new America!

The Woodward Mansion, as well as the other 14 Inns/corporate lodging properties are now available together or separately.  See pictures and additional posts below. For serious inquiries, please call Ms. Taylor at 7853547111.

Inn Bed & Breakfast(s) For Sale Topeka Kansas - The Woodward Inns owner to start Downsizing - Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for New Owners

After 30 years, Elizabeth Taylor, developer and owner of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore is ready to start downsizing her "village".  The Woodward Max and The Woodward Row Houses are ready for new owners now.  The other Woodward Inns will be ready later this year. All Inns are in the same city block!

The Woodward Max is a luxury Queen Anne style B&B Inn with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, gourmet kitchen, wrap around porch and dining (50)/event (80) space. Operating as B&B since 2007 and priced fully inclusive at $449,000.

The Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon (at Huntoon and Fillmore) are luxury business extended stay hotel apartments fully furnished and equipped.  Renovated and open since 2015 and priced fully inclusive at $895,000.

Available one at a time or a full village!  One Gothic Tudor Mansion, Two Luxury Inns, Two Moderate Family-Friendly Inns, Two Economy Extended Stay Houses plus Four Historic Row Houses for Luxury Extended Stay will be available.  The Woodward (mansion) will sell last, as it is Ms. Taylor's home.

Even though available for new owners, The Woodward Inns on Fillmore are still taking reservations!!

Serious Inquiries Only, Contact Ms. Taylor, 7853547111.

The Woodward Wisteria B&B Extended Stay Hotel Apartments Ready For Sale

For Sale - Fully Renovated and Furnished - Owner Ready to Retire 
Currently Fully Occupied with Corporate Lodging 
Serious Inquiries only - Other Inns and Row Houses 
in The Woodward Inns on Fillmore block Also Available

Great for Tradesman, Law Students, Legislators and others looking for quiet, peaceful, adorable yet moderately priced at 1BR  $300-$400/week, 2 BR $400 - $500/week fully furnished including TV, wireless Internet, linens, dishes, full kitchen, all utilities! No taxes needed.  In the middle of The Woodward Inns' block!   


Happy Spring from The Woodward Inns on Fillmore

 What a Lovely Spring we are having!!!  Thank you, Jesus! The first load of lovely flowers and baskets have arrived and are ready to be planted and hung!  Featured in this photo are also the new pergolas designed and hand-built by James Widman and Cornerstone Landscape Studio!  James is truly blessed as a landscape artist!   Watch for more pictures soon!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Woodward Inn featured in Topeka Lifestyle Magazine August Issue

 Thanks to Topeka Lifestyle Magazine for choosing to feature The Woodward Inn and its lovely renovated gardens!!!  A Special Thanks to James Widman, Cornerstone Landscape Studio for graciously upgrading all 7 of The Woodward Gardens: The Fountain Garden, The South Garden, The North Garden, The Grass Garden, The Half Moon Garden, The Pool Garden and the fabulous Pergola Garden!  Fantastic!!! What a God send! What an artist!!

Please view the magazine article and additional pictures here: 


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Rich Eubank Gifts The Woodward with Guest Poem "Woodward House", 2020

 The neighborhood is quiet, the vision serene

with stately tress abounding

and the grass is so green.

The flowers so beautiful and the vision complete

as if from a painting, a peaceful scene.

There it is, on the corner,

the old house stands

as if speaking volumes, the picture of grand.

This house is special, a unique kind of home

Right out of a dream or perhaps some old poem.

Up the steps and across the landing

Open the door, no need to be standing

I go in with a quiet movement

Through the great standing door;

So heavy if feels, yet so easy to move

They don't make doors like this any more

A pass I have to explore this old place

Its all mine for the moment

Such an awesome space

Inside is quiet as if waiting for me

Step up on the carpet to see what I see

Over there is the library with furniture grand

Of various styles from yesteryear.

The old fireplace in the South wall stands

with a fire a-burning, a fire of good cheer

The old staircase winds to the 2nd floor

and I know that upstairs is definitely more

But for now I'll be still in this old quiet rocker

No better pace to go, no better offer

I think I have had this dream before

of a beautiful place I'd like to explore

Don't wake me now I am calm and at rest

For now I am the contented guest.

         - Wm R. Eubank, 2020

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Happy Spring from The Woodward Inns

Happy Spring from The Woodward Inns! And what a year it has been.  I pray all are well and safe!!

We are well here and are recovering first from the Concussion (from racquetball), then the virus and now the recession!  But, let's not forget that GOD IS GREAT!!  ALL THE TIME!!

We are busy getting the yard at The Woodward ready for a TOTAL REBEAUTIFICATION!!  We have exciting plans coming for June/July for The Woodward Gardens. Special Thanks to James Widman, Cornerstone Landscape Studio!!   He is such a blessing to The Woodward Inns.  (Watch the blog for more to come.)  

Celebrating the end of the 27th year, we are here for your relaxation at The Woodward Inns and for your business extended stay needs at The Woodward Wisteria and The Woodward Row Houses.  7853547111

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Woodward honored to host KTWU's "A Capital Holiday" featuring Jazz and Symphony Delights

 The Woodward shared the honor with Grace Cathedral in hosting the KTWU 2020 "A Capital Christmas" fundraising program.  A Capital Christmas aired in late December on KTWU.  It was beautiful and the music was such a blessing! Thank you for choosing The Woodward Inn!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Woodward Inns featured as Best of the Midwest Travel 2020 by Midwest Living Magazine

The 2020 issue of Midwest Living's Best of the Midwest Travel again showcases The Woodward Inns as a top place to stay in Topeka. Highlighting the in-ground heated year-round pool, The Woodward Inns has received this honor for many years in a row!  On newsstands now!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Woodward celebrates 25 years!!!! Congratuations!!!

It is hard to believe that 25 years have passed since starting The Woodward in 1994!  From one Gothic Tudor mansion to a "village" of 6 additional Inns plus a 24-plex and a 10-plex of historic Row Houses - What a Journey!!  None would have been possible without God's strong and blessed hands and a handful of good friends!!! Thank you, Jesus!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Beautiful Pergolas Add to Beauty and Relaxation at The Woodward Inn

A Special Thank You to James Widman, Cornerstone Landscape Studio, for these beautiful pergolas added to the back patio at The Woodward Inn.  Providing an entire outdoor living space, you will want to spend your time relaxing in the cozy comfort!  James, you are an artist!!! God Bless You!

The Woodward Row Houses - Luxury Vintage-Chic Extended Stay Hotel Apartments Topeka Fully Furnished

These Historic Row House Hotel Apartments are perfect for the traveling executive, medical professional, or new resident to Topeka!  Fully furnished and equipped.  Close to downtown, hospitals, Statehouse. Magazine adorable!

Reservations available but The Woodward Row Houses are also available for sale.

Other extended stay apartments (moderate) also available.  B&B also available in The Woodward Inns village.  Call for your reservation. 7853547111.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Woodward featured as Landmark Home in Topeka Capital Journal

Thank you to Shanna Sloyer for delightful 5-page feature about The Woodward in At Home, a weekly real-estate section of the Topeka Capital Journal on June 1, 2019.  The featured reflects the 25 years of renovation and restoration and includes many lovely current photographs of the interior and exterior of "Topeka's Most Artistic Home".  See the article at

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mama Bear almost fully recovered from Concussion

For those followers, supporters and guests of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore, I am not one to complain or even speak about weaknesses, but many of you have noticed instability in my speech and other complications over the last several months. In late January, while playing racquetball which I have played all of my adult life, I suffered a blow to the soft tissue of the brain below the back of the skull. For about a month, I could not drive, use a phone or computer, or coordinate my right side. I felt as though I went from vibrant to "old" overnight.  While The Woodward Inns has remained almost every bed full since July, my friends have pitched in to make sure we have kept things up enough!! Thanks to God and my dear friends and supporters, I have been able to reach about 90% of normal capacity. Being incapacitated for the first time in my life was quite a blow to my way of work and life. For everyone's support and for God's help, I am so thankful.  I am looking forward to a peaceful and productive Fall and Winter Season!    

Friday, April 28, 2017

New Addition to The Woodward Inns Available - The Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon!!

Very Exciting!!!  The new Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon.  Just at the North corner of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore block (Huntoon at Fillmore Street), these Row Houses were built between 1890 and 1923.  They were first built as single family homes, tall and narrow sitting immediately next to each other, much like you would find in Boston or New York City.  As the war came, the Row Houses were made into apartments since additional housing was needed.  There were originally 2 more Row Houses but they were lost in the 1966 tornado which came across town (22 miles x 1/2 mile wide), taking the roof of The Woodward (which was then the widow Fredericka Woodward's home).

The Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon feature adorable, luxury, shabby-chic extended stay apartments for business class.  There will be 1BR, 2 BR and 3 BR hotel apartments. With vintage era features, lovely high-end furnishings and a little touch of quirkiness, this new offering should prove to be very popular!!!!  Welcome to Historic Holliday Park and The Woodward Inns on Fillmore.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Three Years in a Row - The Woodward Inns Chosen Best of The Midwest Travel - 2016 on newstands mid-March, 2015

The Woodward Inns has just been selected for the third year in a row as Best of The Midwest Travel 2016 as Best for Lodging in Topeka.  It is a great honor to be selected for both 201, 2015 and 2016.  Published by Midwest Living Magazine, watch for it beginning in mid-March.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The (new) Woodward Wisteria (moderate) Boutique Hotel Apartments Popular for Extended Stay

The Woodward Wisteria Boutique Hotel Apartments has really become popular for the Extended Stay guests who are in Topeka for a contract, relocating and looking for a new home, needing lodging close to the hospitals, etc.  While a great moderate price, The Wisteria offers quiet, safe, peaceful, relaxing comfort in a simple bed and breakfast style. Right in the middle of The Woodward Inns' village.  1BR and 2BR fully furnished lodging available.  The Woodward Inns also offers a full range of lodging and event space from economical to executive to luxury, all in the same block.  Also, full Inns available. 7853547111

Saying "Goodbye" to Grandma Lucille

Saying "Goodbye" is never easy!  On January 7th, my family and I said "Goodbye" to our matriarch.  She and Grandpa had been married since they were 16, totally committed in a very old-fashioned and missed way rarely seen in today's world.  I know that God has taken her to be by His side, even though Grandpa and my Aunt Sis and I are lost without her!  We will see her again in God's time.

Thank you, Grandma, for all you taught me and for all the unconditional love you gave.  Your hard work, intelligence and drive can be found in me.  Your sense of style taught me about colors, textures and peaceful life.  I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing you "in the morning".

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Renovations to The Woodward exterior now Complete

After the massive Hail Storm May, 2011, The Woodward has a spectacular new roof in great enhanced colors of reds and browns, new striped awnings, and stately copper finials on the roof peaks!!  New Lions guard the front entry and host seasonal florals. After 18 years of renovations, The Woodward is fully updated and mature!  What a Grand Old Dame!!

New Interior Enhancements at The Woodward Inn

After many years of building The Woodward Inns Village, The Woodward Inn is now seeing some mature updated enhancements.  The Dining Room has a slightly new look.  Also, The Sisters Room has a softened look to be more romantic in a South Pacific teal.