Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Inn Bed & Breakfast(s) For Sale Topeka Kansas - The Woodward Inns owner to start Downsizing - Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for New Owners

After 25 years, Elizabeth Taylor, developer and owner of The Woodward Inns on Fillmore is ready to start downsizing her "village".  The Woodward Max and The Woodward Row Houses are ready for new owners now.  The other Woodward Inns will be ready later this year. All Inns are in the same city block!

The Woodward Max is a luxury Queen Anne style B&B Inn with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths,  gourmet kitchen,  wrap around porch and dining (50)/event (80) space. Operating as B&B since 2007 and priced fully inclusive at $449,000.

The Woodward Row Houses on Huntoon (at Huntoon and Fillmore) are luxury business extended stay hotel apartments fully furnished and equipped.  Renovated and open since 2015 and priced fully inclusive at $850,000.

Available one at a time or a full village!  One Gothic Tudor Mansion, Two Luxury Inns, Two Moderate Family-Friendly Inns, Two Economy Extended Stay Houses plus Four Historic Row Houses for Luxury Extended Stay will be available.  The Woodward (mansion) will sell last, as it is Ms. Taylor's home.

Even though available for new owners, The Woodward Inns on Fillmore are still taking reservations!!

Serious Inquiries Only, Contact Ms. Taylor, 7853547111.

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